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For sightseeing, business trips and job hunting at Tokyo Ueno.

A clean and reasonable hostel with dormitory, shower and free Wi-Fi.
And a day use plan (a break in 30 minutes) is avaiable.

10 minutes on foot from Ueno station, within 8 minutes on foot from Iriya station and Inaricho station.
It is close to Ueno which is the art and culture base of Tokyo. It is also easy to access various places in Tokyo.
In addition, you can enjoy exchanges regardless of nationality, unique to the hostel gathering.

All major credit cards and IC card, electronic money, PayPay, Alipay are accepted.
Click here for more details of payment method.

PayPay and Alipay
  • Reasonable

  • Accessible

  • Free Wi-Fi

  • Cultural exchange

  • Credit card accepted

Guests evaluation

We take guests feedback sincerely to improve our hostel management. We very much appreciate to hear your opinions, so please share reviews on the reservation sites.

3.7 ★★★☆☆
  • Rizqi Prifsanti Rizqi Prifsanti (3 months ago) ★★★★★
    Great!!! I have good experience here. All clean, the staff are also really helpful
  • Keivan Zolfaghari Keivan Zolfaghari (a month ago) ★★★★☆
    Pack light, no elevators! But quick wifi.
  • Choon Lai Choon Lai (a month ago) ★★★★★
    Clean and affordable
  • Imke Bertens Imke Bertens (5 months ago) ★★★★☆
    I loved this place, really cheap and nice staff! Only the bed was a bit uncomfortable haha.
  • Handoyo Yoe Handoyo Yoe (5 months ago) ★★★★☆
    Well managed. Well organized. Well located.


All the rooms are dormitory and can be used at reasonable prices. (The toilet · shower · kitchen · lounge will be shared)
It is simple, but you have what you need and you can have a comfortable stay.
We have prepared a Female only floor so that you can use it with confidence even for one woman.

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