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For sightseeing, business trips and job hunting at Tokyo Kanda.

A clean and reasonable hostel with dormitory, shower and free Wi-Fi. And a day use plan (a break in 30 minutes) is avaiable.

12 minutes on foot from Akihabara station, within 5 minutes on foot from Yushima station and Suehirocho station.
It is ideal for use as a base to enjoy the subculture sacred place Akihabara and as a base for business trips and job hunting activities.
In addition, you can enjoy exchanges regardless of nationality, unique to the hostel gathering.

  • Reasonable

  • Accessible

  • Free Wi-Fi

  • Cultural exchange

  • Credit card accepted

Guests evaluation

We take guests feedback sincerely to improve our hostel management. We very much appreciate to hear your opinions, so please share reviews on the reservation sites.

4.3 ★★★★☆
  • Daena Madhi Daena Madhi (4 months ago) ★★★★★
    Stayed in the "girls only dormitory" and it was great! Very clean and very nice staff! Highly recommended 🙂
  • Will Wong Will Wong (4 months ago) ★★★★☆
    Clean hostel with everything you'd need. Shower gel, shampoo included as well as fresh towel everyday. I noticed this place doesn't enforce typical Japanese indoor rules of no walking around with outdoor shoes inside so a bit more "normal" for foreigners. Friendly staff and within 10mins of about 4-5 stations.
  • Tom Fincher Tom Fincher (8 months ago) ★★★★★
    Warm welcome, very clean plus fresh towels everyday! Great coffee and more than willing to hold your bag before check-in so you can go explore! 😀
  • Adri Ortn Adri Ortn (8 months ago) ★★★★☆
    Affordable and pretty clean. You DO have to show the other people who's boss though, since there'll be some who understand neither what a 'capsule hotel' entails, nor that some people like to sleep at 2:30AM. There is a separate sleeping hall for women and you can leave and enter the building at any time of the day. They have a kitchen in the lobby, which is actually not intended for guest use, but can be used anyways if you ask kindly (in Japanese).


All the rooms are dormitory and can be used at reasonable prices. (The toilet · shower · kitchen · lounge will be shared)
It is simple, but you have what you need and you can have a comfortable stay.
We have prepared a Female only floor so that you can use it with confidence even for one woman.

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