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  • Staffs and guests
  • Dormitory
  • Washroom and loundromat
  • Lounge
  • Mini kitchen in shared lounge
  • Night view

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For sightseeing, business trips and job hunting at Tokyo Akihabara.

A clean and reasonable hostel with dormitory, shower and free Wi-Fi.

12 minutes on foot from Akihabara station, within 5 minutes on foot from Yushima station and Suehirocho station.
It is ideal for use as a base to enjoy the subculture sacred place Akihabara and as a base for business trips and job hunting activities.
In addition, you can enjoy exchanges regardless of nationality, unique to the hostel gathering.

All major credit cards and IC card, electronic money, PayPay, Alipay are accepted.
Click here for more details of payment method.

PayPay and Alipay
  • Reasonable

  • Accessible

  • Free Wi-Fi

  • Cultural exchange

  • Credit card accepted

Building exterior Building exterior
  • Building exterior
  • Lounge
  • Dormitory
  • Staffs and guests
  • Dormitory
  • Washroom and loundromat
  • Lounge
  • Mini kitchen in shared lounge
  • Night view


All the rooms are dormitory and can be used at reasonable prices. (The toilet · shower · kitchen · lounge will be shared)
It is simple, but you have what you need and you can have a comfortable stay.
We have prepared a Female only floor so that you can use it with confidence even for one woman.

Partnership services

Mobal Japan SIM Cards

Flexible SIM Card options for Japan.
Free Pick-Up in Japan or Free worldwide shippng.


Same-day luggage delivery service that does not use the last day as the”flight date”

Guests evaluation

We take guests feedback sincerely to improve our hostel management. We very much appreciate to hear your opinions, so please share reviews on the reservation sites.

4.3 ★★★★☆
  • Jake Quartuccio Jake Quartuccio (5 months ago) ★★★★★
    One of my favorite hostels. The location is amazing because it is in central Tokyo - you can get to just about anywhere in Tokyo by train in just a few minutes. It is close to Ueno Park which is great for runs in the morning. It is also within walking distance of B Pump Akihabara which is one of the best bouldering gyms in Tokyo.

    The bunks have curtains for privacy and you get a free fresh towel every morning. The staff does an excellent job at keeping the place clean. There are washers and dryers on the sleeping floors and you can line dry delicate fabrics on the coat rack. They also have a guitar in the lobby which is fun.

    I have also noticed a lot more Japanese natives here than other hostels (could just be the time of year because I visited in late December) which is great because I had far more opportunities to practice speaking Japanese than other places.

    The staff are also super helpful and friendly. They do a good job at accommodating English speakers and are more than obliging to have conversations with guests.
  • 單于 單于 (a week ago) ★★★★☆
    They do speak many languages stuff and good location in city center .
  • Steven Rivas Steven Rivas (5 months ago) ★★★★☆
    Pretty good hostel for the price. The location is right next to the Yushima station for the Chiyoda line so it's perfect if you use Tokyo Metro to explore the city. Very clean place with a spacious common area downstairs. Staff is attentive and has good English. They do have a washing machine on site.

    Areas for improvement: The walls in the capsules are paper thin. The second night I had a dude snoring next to me and it sounded like there wasn't even a wall between us. The futon is also very thin and unless you're sleeping on your back, it's pretty uncomfortable. Felt like I was sleeping on the floor.
  • Sebastian Morga Sebastian Morga (2 months ago) ★★★★★
    The Hiromas is very comfortable and well located. The hosts are very gentle

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