Introduce Our Hostel ‐Part 1‐

Helloo from Tokyo, Japan!!

It snowed heavily at the beggining of this week in Tokyo…
It’s been so cold here since then, but we are always warmly welcoming you!!

Since our hostel was just launched, let us introduce what our hostel is like in a little more detail.

↑ First floor(Reception & CommonSpace)
First floor of our hostel is for reception and common space.
This common space is open all the night(24hours), so you can use here as you like!!

↑ Kitchen(including a refrigerator and a microwave oven)
Also, there is a kitchen with cooking gears(except knife for safety) in the common space.
You can cook and enjoy your own meal here!!

↑ Coffee Machine
And, we are serving FREE COFFEE for 24hours!!
You can have a cup of coffee whenever you want.
Why don’t you grab a cup of coffee to make a good start for your brand-new day??

That’s about it on this time.
We are trying to send our hostel information day by day, so please keep your eyes on our hostel blog!!

We are waiting for your visit with free coffee:)